Ice Cold EP


February 2013

Ice Cold is an album about what goes on after a break up. I had moved away from Chile where I was living at the time with my boyfriend. I was unhappy being away from my friends and family as I had already lived there for over a year, had a lot of anxiety about what I was going to do with my life and couldn't be having a meltdown of that proportion in a foreign country. I also secretly wanted to come back and record pop music, but couldn't admit that to anybody because admitting that you want to be an artist to anybody is terrifying. I met Sarah, and told her about DENNIS and brought her a bass and she was in the band. We worked on the Ice Cold EP for about 7 months before deciding to record it and play a show. I recorded everything in my apartment in a week and mixed it myself. 

Ice Cold is a love song, but also a song about trying to control my heartbreak through deletion. It's mostly about me needing to unfriend my ex on Facebook because I couldn't bear seeing his name or talking to him because it was so painful knowing that we would never be together. Breakups in the virtual universe are hard because massive global communication makes keeping in touch easier, but it also makes moving on more difficult. 

I Don't Want You is a song about the breakup Sarah went through right after I met her. She had been in a longterm relationship that was coming to an end. After a few major blowups and a mutual lease on an apartment, it was apparent that these two simultaneously wanted each other and didn't want each other. Everyone goes through that indecision in relationships or in any aspect of life because decisions are not black and white and many times our desires are contradictory. 

In For the Kill is about hooking up with a friend who had just gone through an INSANE breakup. It was an eye-opening experience into the dead eyes of shock right after a traumatic heartbreak and how on a human level, the physical touch can help heal a broken soul. 

Runaway was written after I found out that my ex had become engaged. For some reason, even though you can technically be "over" a relationship and breakup, it's still really hard to hear about this and how quickly they've moved on, because I am not one to move on quickly after heartbreak. This song is a fantasy about still being able to be together one day.