"...upbeat, hopeful, shimmering..." —Jade, 89.3 The Current, December 2017

"...carefree music like DENNIS’s is more necessary than ever." —Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages, October 2017

"Minneapolis’s premier purveyors of ratpop." —Jay Gabler, The Current, March 2015

(RATPOP definition)

Ratpop is a pop music genre and DIY philosophy created by DENNIS. It encourages all people to create the music they want, on their own terms, in their own spaces, with any budget, free of gender-biases or socioeconomic barriers. 


DENNIS was born to Katie Bolin in the summer of 2009 in her bedroom with just a midi controller, a beagle and a lot of pop tarts. After living in Chile for over a year, Katie worked on electronic tracks but missed home, so she decided to return to Minneapolis where she met Sarah Morrison through a mutual friend. A couple weeks later she showed up at Sarah's front door with a bass and a tiny amp, and DENNIS had begun. During the summer of 2012, Katie produced songs for the Ice Cold EP, a basement cult favorite among Minneapolis and St. Paul kids alike. Both having recently gone through breakups in 2012, the EP was a precursor to their first full-length effort Don't Fall in Love, an electronic pop ode to bad relationships, bad people and the worst dates of all time. Drummer and all around creative instrumentalist/spiritual dad Nigel Carleton joined the band in 2015 after playing with the girls in the backing band for their friends project.

DENNIS' sophomore pop project "Alien Fantasy" is due out early 2018. 


DENNIS is a DIY Britney Spears-meets-Grimes electronic pop band based in Minneapolis. Inspired by a lifelong obsession with pop music, producer/artist Katie Bolin started DENNIS in '09 and has since grown into a trio with bassist Sarah Morrison and drummer Nigel Carleton. Their catchy melodies and colorful live sets have created a pop cult following in the Twin Cities. Their self-appointed, addictive “ratpop” sound—mixing biting lyrics and self-love vibes with electric beats—always leaves you smiling, dancing, and wanting more. 

Katie Bolin: Vocals, synthesizer, drum machine, executive producer

Sarah Morrison: Bass, guitar, vocals

Nigel Carleton: Drums, sampler, synthesizer


Email: dennismusicmpls @ 


Photo by Patrick Kennedy

Photo by Patrick Kennedy

Photo by Patrick Kennedy; Edited by Katie Bolin

Photo by Patrick Kennedy; Edited by Katie Bolin