Depois EP


May 2013

I (Katie) recorded this short album in my bedroom in a week as a way to decompress from recording the Ice Cold EP and performing at our first show (which was in my bedroom for all of our really great friends). This is an exploration of sound in a non-pop format. I find a lot of freedom in electronic music and wanted to go on a sonic journey through each of these tracks. As for the Portuguese titles, I lived in São Paulo, Brazil in 2008 and it has always held a special grip on my heart. It's also sort of a linguistic rebellion against the year and a half I lived in Chile, fell in love and left with a broken heart. Spanish was painful, but Portuguese was freeing.

Depois means "after" in Portuguese. This song is how I felt after recording Ice Cold. Sort of like a small rage that I had spent so much time sad over a heartbreak, but also excitement because I was finally free from it.

Primavera/Sozinha means "Spring/Alone" in Portuguese. It is a song about spring and being alone. My roommate was out of town on vacation and I was happy to have the apartment to myself. I also had gone through an international breakup a year and a half prior, to which part of the Ice Cold EP was written about, but was finally feeling happiness in my solitude. This track is a celebration of that. Also, while I was living in Chile, I wrote an electronic track called Printemps, which means spring in French. This track is a sequel. I hope to make many spring-themed tracks in my time and bring them together in a collection.

Cauboí Alienígena means "Alien Cowboy" in Portuguese. It was composed with Rick from the Walking Dead in mind. I was watching that show a lot at the time and pictured Rick walking alone in a prairie field under a dark sky to this song. The western-sounding guitar reminds me of the savage culture of the American west and images of being alone and surrounded by danger. There is also a strange zen to the repetitiveness of this song. Even though the song is filled with a lot of danger, it keeps moving forward, just like life. 

The cover photo for this album is a shot I took after visiting my Grandpa and family in Kansas, where I was born and lived until I was 10. The sunsets there are unreal because the land is so flat.